Posted by admin on March 17, 2012

Here's an interesting little project.

   This customer had his engine cover custom painted and over the course of time, a crack developed at the edge of the white center insert.

   With the help of TKutz and his CNC work, we were able to fashion a trim ring to cover the damaged section. I then detailed it with veriegated leaf to match the details on the engine cover, as well as a red pinstripe break. Fitment ended up being spot on and the result was a great success.





Hi folks,

I've gotten a few inquiries looking for pricing/turn around on items and services so I just wanted to illustrate here a little bit about how I handle things on my end.

Basically, everything needs to be recorded in email or writing. Not becasue I don't want to talk to you, but becasue then I have a record and something to reference if I need to refresh my mind on a certain detail. As far as pricing, I can generally quote things if you give me a little guidance on what it is you want, but since most of my items are made on a custom basis, I dont have a price list, and I treat each job on an as seen basis.

As far as production, Once we've established a design that will work for both of us, I will prompt you to supply a paypal email address for billing purposes. It works nice if I can invoice you, as there again I have a record of things. Sometimes direct payments are sent to me and shipping information and payment details aren't included. This leads to a bit of confusion. I also take check or money order for those of you who do not do paypal. 

I usually make a "production run" once every couple days or so. This allows me some time between for designing, shipping, and working on more complicated things that have multiple stages. Unfortunately, some things just can't be rushed, and the curing time varies for resin capped items and items involving carbon fiber. I'll also note that I dont recommend installing any resin badge within 8-10 days or it's "birth". I've noted that in other spots, but it's worthy of repeating. :)





Well this was a fun little guy. A friend of mine is doing a quick and dirty customization to a mid 80's bike he found on the cheap. The tank was smashed on top and on both sides. With an hour of pressing on dents, and a bit of body filler, I put it back into shape somewhat and then gave it a little life with some di-noc and hand cut detail. It's not flawless, but I'm happy with the way it turned out on the schedule I had. I'll post pics of the rest when it's completed. I'm sure this (and the wheels i wrapped) wont be the only part.




Here's another quick Di-Noc wrap project. It turned out nice. I ended up leaving the sides of the scoop matte black to aid in install and the matte/carbon really go well together. The truck is pretty cool, It's a nut- and-bolt, frame up restoration. Coolest BroncoII around. :)





You may or may not have viewed these images already but it's been my entertainment over the last couple days.Originally, this car was wrapped a green/chrome color. A friend and I were discussing the likely high expense of sucha project and I jokingly said it may as well be wrapped in hundred dollar bills. Well, a quick photoshop later I sent himrear quarter view image. He thought it looked good so he posted it on It turned 40k hits overnight when itwas picked up and posted on Dupont Registry's facebook page. Within 18 hours it got 18.5k "likes" and was shared onover 5,400 other pages. The funny thing is that it started as a joke. Next time I'll but a bit more time and effort into it...

 -just in case.  Oh, and a logo.  ;)