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Custom Orders

Like what you see here but want to add your own personal touch?  

Our business started and thrives on custom orders. We love making one-of-a-kind pieces that make your vehicle as unique as you are.  


Want to make a custom order request?

Email us at: rebadge@yahoo.com

Be sure to include as many details as possible in your email, such as:

  • Your name (You'd be surprised how many people don't!) 
  • Make
  • Model / Trim package
  • Year
  • Theme and/or color scheme ideas
  • Attach pictures for reference if you have a particular style in mind


Looking for inspiration?

Check us out on Instragram.


What to expect during the custom order process

When you first hit us up: 

Custom orders are submitted via email. We attempt to acknowledge emails in a timely manner, however due to the current ‘stage’ of a production week, we may not be at the computer for a length of time. Depending on the volume of inquiries received, our response time is contingent on many variables. We attempt to answer emails in the order of which they are received.


While we hash things out: 

Once a dialogue has been established, we will communicate with you to confirm your ideas, order details, design specifications and whatever other info is needed to finalize the job such as sizing, fitment, costs, etc. When all the design details have been established and we have your approval on price we will confirm billing preferences.

At this point, we have entered into an understanding that the job will move forward, you will be issued an invoice for the payment as the items are finalized for production. Production runs are made as needed once a group of items has been populated.


During that boring waiting period where you’re wondering what’s going on:

Depending on the item specifics, curing times may vary. Some items are finished within a day or two, where some may take up to a full week to cure before they can be completed. Full payment is required before the products will be shipped.


When to check your mailbox thirty times in one day, and when not to:

Often times, shipping labels are printed en masse for orders that have been paid. Shipping services often send a notification and tracking number to the recipient when the label has been printed. To avoid undue confusion, please note that though you may receive a shipping notice, it may not imply that the item has physically shipped due to the curing/finishing process times listed above. When the items have been finished in their entirety, they will then be packaged and sent out, at which point the tracking number will reflect movement.

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Temporary Order Fulfillment Delay

The offices of ReBadge Design and Graphics (me, myself and I) will be MIA (relaxing on a beach somewhere) from 03/16/19 - 03/25/19. Orders will be processed upon my return. Thank you for your patience!

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